Dr. Cheng-Tien Chiang


  Tel: ~345-5525368
  Fax: ~345-5527160




Principal investigator of the SFB/TRR 227

Research interests

    The electronic structure of transition metals and their oxides with emphasis on the interaction between electrons. The experimental methods are:
  • Laser-based photoelectron spectroscopy and microscopy:
    By using femtosecond lasers as excitation light sources, the ultrafast dynamics of the electronic structure of surfaces, ultrathin films, and nanostructures are studied.
  • High-order harmonic generation at megahertz repetition rates:
    High-order harmonics of MHz femtosecond lasers provide a widely tunable photon energy range in pump-probe photoemission experiments without the limitation from the space charge effects.
  • Double photoemission spectroscopy:
    With double photoemission, where an incident photon excites a pair of correlated electrons from solids, the interaction between electrons can be directly studied by the characteristic two-dimensional energy and angular distributions of electron pairs.


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